Band: LA Font (2008 – Present)

I play lead guitar in this rock n roll band. Here’s a sampling of what reviewers are saying:


Danny Bobby – vox, guitars
Jon Perry – guitars, vox
Greg Katz – bass, vox
Harlow Rodriguez – drums

“In an era scores of indie artists are making music so pretty it hurts, LA Font is managing to churn out tunes so hurtful they’re pretty. … Blame it on the sharks. Or the tide. LA Font manages to embody the rock-’em-sock-’em indie of deities like Sonic Youth and Pavement and crackling wit of Cracker. Flame on.”
– Buzzbands LA

“”A straightforward clear-as-day assault of crackling angular guitars and edgy mercurial vocals. … With lines like ‘flesh fell from off the bone’ sung on top of furiously picked guitar riffs and a crunch of rhythm, LA Font’s music is far from pretty – but it’s also pretty close to great.”
–Everybody Taste

“The band’s garage-rock debut, ‘The American Leagues,’ smolders with ‘Slanted and Enchanted’-style fuzz and spastic songs that threaten to run off the rails.
-L.A. Times Brand X

“This new LA Font 7″ kills!”
–KCRW DJ Chuck P.

Band: Cubits (2011 – Present)

Cubits is a new band that makes experimental rock music. We’re still developing our style, but the rough demos above should give you a hint at where we’re heading.


Jon Perry – vox, instruments
Ted Kupper – instruments, vox
Bryan Parker – drums, vox

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Theme Music: The Morning After Podcast (2010)


A friend of mine asked me to make theme music for his new podcast, and I saw it as an opportunity to get silly with analogue synthesizers. “The Morning After” is the actual theme music. “The Night Before” is a weird experiment that just happened to come out of the same recording session. Both tracks were made with drum programming assistance from Ted Kupper.

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Game Soundtrack: Diabolika (2009)

In 2009, Derek Yu and I released an iPhone game called Diabolika and this is the original score music I composed.

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Game Soundtrack: Spelunky (2008)


I made some retro video game music for my friend Derek’s game Spelunky.  For fun, I limited myself to the original Nintendo synthesizer specifications. As a young kid, video game music like this was the first music I actually liked.

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Band: At Large (2006 – 2008)

At Large was formed when my college friend Daniel Tockman moved back to Los Angeles from Miami. We later added Justin Phelps on drums. Due to internal conflicts the band did not survive, but numerous demo recordings exist as a record of our sound. We were a rock band with no guitars – just drums, keys, vocals, and bass.

Band: Interrobang (2002 – 2006)


Interrobang was made up of Ted Kupper, Erik Wahl, Tony Lux, and myself. As a band, we weren’t particularly cohesive, but the music we made was pretty creative, I think. Or at least loud. We never got it together to make a record, but here are some of my favorite demo recordings, ranging from the somewhat polished to the disastrously lofi.