TIME BARONS is a fast-paced card game that pits two players in a struggle across the ages. Like many card games, Time Barons got its start many years ago on simple index cards, when it was first created by myself and Aaron Pickering. Originally dubbed “The God Game”, the basic mechanics have not changed very much since then – spend actions, manipulate your followers (represented by little tokens), and attack your opponents sites using a variety of devastating combos. When I showed the game to Derek, he liked it so much that we began to develop it further, retooling the cards, nailing down the rules, and adding the concept of advancing through the ages.

The end result is a highly replayable card game that feels like a competitive video game in pacing but lets you draw cards and move tokens around across a table top. And thanks to Game Crafter I’m able to mail you a copy in a nice, shrink-wrapped package. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Diabolika (2009)

diabolika.gifDiabolika is the fiendish turn-based puzzle game of chain reactions! My friend Derek and I first designed this game in high school and recently remade it for the iPhone.


Diabolika might just be the best little strategy game you’ve never heard of. Fun and engaging gameplay coupled with wonderful, cartoony graphics make Diabolika a true hidden gem.” – appVersity.com

This is a really, really awesome game, and thoughtfully put together. Available for $1.99. Download with caution, though! Once you start, it’s hard to put it back down! 5/5.” – iPhoneApps-Review.com

It’s the little touches…that make Diabolika a stand-out on the App Store.“ -iPhone Roundup

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Eternal Daughter (2002)

ed1Eternal Daughter is an epic side-scrolling adventure game in the style of Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It took my friend Derek and I two years of intense work to complete it. So many years later, I’m amazed at how many people are still discovering and enjoying the game.


Eternal Daughter is a freeware gem and must go into the books as one of the greatest freeware games of all time.” – acid-play.com

Eternal Daughter exemplifies what action gaming should be all about: intuitive controls, smooth gameplay, innovative and varied challenges, tough enemies, and above all — thoroughly addictive.” – the-underdogs.info

Everything about Eternal Daughter is pure Metroidvania, with a dash of Popful Mail for flavor. Everything that made those games fun is here, only with its own unique visual style and an amount of polish that you just don’t see very often in an indy game.” – 1up.com

Eternal Daughter is, put simpy, one of the best freeware games ever made. It is a console-style action RPG game that packs more depth, playablity and style than many high-caliber commercial game releases. “ -paraschis.gr

Eternal Daughter has held up surprisingly well against the test of time. One of the top names on the download charts, Eternal Daughter is a must for side scrolling action fans of all types…this game is a delight, and performs just as well as some of your favorite Super Nintendo games.” -uziana.com

[Eternal Daughter] is pretty much a classic and has carved a legacy for itself. Very few klik games have done that…It will be forever remembered in years to come as one of the all-time greats.” -clickzine.net

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Blackeye Software (1996 – 2002)

Blackeye Software was a freeware game company started by Derek Yu and myself while we were still in high school. Our most notable (and final) release was Eternal Daughter. However we made numerous games before that, some of which have simply been lost to time. Those which remain can be found on Derek’s website.

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