A two-player card game that packs a ton of depth and strategy into a small box. Available now wherever you buy games!
"I thoroughly enjoyed this game! O-M-G! I liked the decisions and how you had to play your cards, and really working that out. And you can take it with you -- it's portable... Easy to teach, easy to play... I was impressed!""
--Mandi Hutchinson, The Dice Tower

"The opportunity to withdraw makes every single turn in Air Land & Sea interesting. Every turn you're asking, what does my opponent have? How much is this on lock? It's tight, it's very very small, it's lovely for what it is. By all means, hunt down a copy."
--Quintin Smith, Shut Up & Sit Down

"A fiendishly smart game -- and deceptive, given how its small format camouflages many of its best aspects... It's hard to think of many games of this stripe that are quite so subtle. Or as rewarding."
--Dan Thurot, SPACE-BIFF!

"My new favorite 2 player game to play with my wife... A game that rewards humility and biding your time."
--Jon Purkis, Actualol

"One of the best 2 player games out there... Highly replayable. It's shocking, even. With so few cards and there are so many different things in each game to experience. It's fast to learn, great interaction between the players, and it's very cheap, very small--fits anywhere. It's fantastic!"
--Cardboard Rhino

"I think it works really well! ...easy, portable, I like it!"
--Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

"Air, Land & Sea is a head-to-head card game duel in its simplest and purest form. Edited exquisitely to have the minimum inside the box to still offer maximum gameplay. I am blown away by how much can be achieved with so little and I'm full of admiration for the designer, Jon Perry."
--Board Game Review

"I really enjoyed this. It's another great entry in the impressive recent field of 20-minute, 18-card microgames."

"I love when games do a lot with a little. Air Land & Sea punches above its weight to an almost absurd degree; it's the Little Mac of board games."
--Demetri, The Ramble Repository

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